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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  March 18, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> in chicago mom missing in an earthquake ravaged japan. the do more than 7000 lives. 11,000 missing. a chicago mother relieved to know her son is survived the earthquake and tsunami. in it appears that a young man in japan has been pulled out alive. . >> to say that she is relieved is a big understatement. for
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a week since the young had to deal with different reports about her son. she finally got the phone call that she had been desperately waiting for. the last time she had heard from her son was in a facebook message of the day before the earthquake hit. power was out in the city and he was unable to contact his family andin chicago until today. his mother says it's difficult to describe what it felt like to hear is weis . >> i feel great. i would like to think the media and everyone that helped. . >> chorion is a graduathe went t
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and then stayed on to teach. . >> i am moving here looking at it on tv sunday young says thate isn't sure when her son will be coming to chicago. cnn reporter gary tuchman is the man who found gary him. . >> saturday in japan and we have just learned that a man has been pulled from the rubble arrived. also the little time to avoid a nuclear meltdown. tokyo trying to restore power to the
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nuclear plant. . >> sirens wailing as people observed a moment of silence. . >> we don't have any room. we d'e pessimistic. we will create japan once again from scratch. . >> crews continued to fire water cannons into the wall damaged reactor's in an attempt to
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reconnect power to the facility . >> president obama torn down a gauntlet today buffered by the u.n. security council fluno flis on the ok. . >> president obama said friday that the u.s. cannot stand idle when it comes to libya civil war but any action will be taken with the help of u.s. allies not by american forces alone . >> the changes in the region will not and cannot be imposed by the united states or any foreign power ultimately it will be driven by the people of the arab world. .
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>> just hours later lebron announced a ceasefire promising to halt to attacks on anti- government rebels but an opposition member the coastal city said the announcement had not stopped the fighting . >> secretary of state henry clinton said it's the action of gaddafi that will influence mobile response. . >> will continue to work with our partners in the international community to press gaddafi to leave and to support the legitimate aspirations of the libyan people . >> should gaddafi remain the role of the u.s. in the operations is a source of debate. .
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>> to do you think the u.s. was too slow to respond to the situation in libya? text yes or no 29799 to 9799
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(announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. chicago police busted a couple last month on charges seemed fitting for a science-fiction movie both accused of illegally using a laser it chronic national problem at airports . >> a problem that's getting increasingly worse police said the couple signed a green laser into the cockpit of a commercial airplane. later they turned laser on to a police helicopter that came to investigate. both charged with two counts of shining laser pointer at a
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police officer and a commercial plane. the pilot notified the control tower who called police. a police chopper was sent to investigate and the pair then used that same laser to shine at the police helicopter. authorities were able to locate the laser to the 600th block. the plane landed safely and no one was injured but authorities say cases like this are becoming more and more common. the bond was set for hollinger thousand dollars of the woman was released we are learning more ae
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death of the owner of the chicago sun-times. it cut county medical examiner says that he died of an air embolism shortly after a dialysis catheter was extracted from his body. his death was ruled an accident he suffered from diabetes and he was diagnosed with a stomach cancer last year. . >> mayor elected rahm emmanuel sat down for the first time today to talk with quinn. we bon redound have the database i loom as and have with mayor daley appeared mayor daley has think
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is one of the greatest mayer's america has ever had he isn't the best mayor in america today and said think rahm is ready to fill the shoes and i am looking forward to working with you . >> they both identified the economy as the most important on the agenda and i'm not show and tell what a fourth grader brought to school and gave to his classmates. haole suburban mother is growing her business mother is growing her business in a slow economy.
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breaking news and a fairly sad story. air rescue scene that is still active right now just a short time ago and the roof of the old engine water hospital which is abandoned and there was a report of an electrical explosion it turned out three children had made their way into the building and ventured on the roof and there was some sort of electrical contact it appears that all three have been burned. three transports to critical. to the hospital. again three children up on the roof of an abandoned hospital got in trouble with an electrical device. a report of an electrical explosion. imore
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information for you when it comes into us. . >> a fourth grader in washington d.c. is facing drug charges after police say he brought cocaine to school and shared it with his friends. five elementary school students were hospitalized on friday for ingesting cocaine during school hours. but the children did not experience any serious symptoms and are in good condition spirit authorities are not try to figure out where the student got the drug. they have launched a full investigation with child protective services . >> a state home mom's part-time job president and founder of n's
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ark a self-described animal workshop for kids. ia business that's booming in this economy she came up with the idea and 20 03 when she needed a job that would keeper close to jobs and be lucrative enough to substantially supplement her husband's income. . >> she had taken a stab at greeting other businesses but they never got off the ground. until she realized what would work the matter what state the economy was in. . >> the wonderful thing about noah's ark is that it is a reces and she's spreading the weh
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and new was arkansas evolved into a national company with representatives in all 50 states. the three dozen of them in fact making fro. . >> some vojvodina's husband's heaters executive president and ozark a parody he met her on a blind date 18 years ago . he describes his wife as an entrepreneurial spirit. and
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thanks every daher every day for energy. . >> into their kids a well they are proud of their mom to . >> depends on training gets high-tech this super smart dummies local doctors are using to sharpen their skills.
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in tonight's medical watch a dummy's helping doctors get smart. they scream out in pain and extra help and also respond to medication. they are not real but they offer some very valuable information for doctors. chester is a 50 a patient in the hospital complaining of chest pain when doctors as kemp questions and he responds. ishe plays patient and doctor behind the scenes of this in error . >> it's absolutely critical in the same way that the aviation uses simulation. . >> the brains and blind to the dummies of the simulation director throw some curveballs for residents. including a patient with a surprised delivery. the newest simulator
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actually delivers a baby. but the . >pool is the program will
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translate to more patients living. it does some lab program is funded by grants at the hospital with adult child and infant simulators . >> the first week of spring and according to tom skilling forecast it is just what you expected. coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ hello sunshine
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over 30 delicious flavors at about 100 calories. babe, what are you doing?! ♪ [ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. iit it of his three-year tornadoes and this is rare waterspouts which is a tornado over water. but what is unusual but this is taken and san
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francisco bay. see the plum of this break coming up there that storm is hard to become our weather maker later in the week. and it may not be the last time that these tornadoes may affect california. it couldn't have been more different in chicago even though the signs of spring abounds. tonight it's 22 degrees colder than it was 24 hours ago. this will be a weekend of winds of the lake. we managed a 67 degree yesterday in chicago. here is a buckthe current statef affairs. we're looking for
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forties' along the lake to more because of these northwest winds. but if you are in the western suburbs and there will be '50s. these are highs across the areas today. but it had curious with from buffalhorgands
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increased more night. the arraignment arrives sunday to monday morning. smart night to e
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40's. look at what happens by my morning rise into the '60s. here is that the storm out west that produced that funnel cloud it you saw. the high pressure will keep that storm at bay for a while. the winds will blow lightly off the lake. the thundery whether it will be coming in the afternoon. then it storm number t22 make the move n as i wednesday of next week. hen
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forecast. some areathe second ts the big grain producer.rain pros our forecast for tonight. mostly clear skies. mid-20s in land. the gorges open to the weekend. mostly sunny. increasing cloudiness perhaps a shower
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towards morning. sunday cloudy. [ robin ] my name is robin.
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[ robber ] and it's gonna be delicious. three major movies opening in the box office this weekend. . >> isuv treatment is smart also t
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from latham, hey. the lincoln lawyer he is hired to defend a d rich kid played cabirand by ryan
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service video of a robber who broke into a local preschool and then stripped naked. a security camera captured him inside the schools entryway. he ransacked the building for valuables to various valuables. he took office clothes and began doing lunt things. a similar ends said it happened at the same school last september . >> and all of law of vallesincea
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lawyer. icool to lindsey from tt
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bloc's in late monday night and tuesday. it's rare that we get d
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news out of japan. here is a man in his 20s and was rescued at after more than a week. it did say he is in shock. when they found him in the rubble he could not talk and he was very weak. but he is one to be ok. plus thl championship is held at the united center these are heard
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while the event the bulls. ... e at
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volvelle of notre dame got its first taste of ponzi a. whil we'y
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time you when i came in this tournament i think it's a huge thing. it took us a long time to get away from him which doesn't surprise me. they're old and smart and they know how to play. i think we were little wired in the first half. . >> ohio state taking out san antonio. white sox got six stro
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the white sox won and this game. 18 to one. .
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